Eric Casteleijn thisfred at
Tue Nov 8 12:54:37 CST 2005

Thanks, Mark and Jordi for the feedback, it cleared most things up for me.

> > I am able to add a new project, which is great, but I am then not
> > automatically its project manager. I understand where this could be a
> > security measure, but I also see no way to request that I be made its
> > manager. Also I'm not sure how to add new languages to my project.
> > People seem to be able to do it though, since I'm sure there are 2
> > languages to my project which I didn't add (which I think is great,
> > don't get me wrong, it's just that I want to be able to do it too. Or
> > is it actually as simple as uploading a new .po file?)
> I've been looking and I don't see how you're getting your product not
> owned by you when you create it. Do you mean a product or a project?
> Which project did you create that has wrong permissions? We need more
> info on this because we see no bug here.

I think I mean product (as in SchoolTool, or in my case Silva). I am
listed as maintainer now (I suspect Steve or someone else fixed that
by hand) but I wasn't when I created it, and for a while after that.
No maintainer was listed, for something
like 2 weeks. I was able to edit the product info. Maybe the project
maintainer isn't all that important, in that it is tied in to any
permissions, and it's just that people know who to contact. I can also
understand that people may start creating products left and right and
you want to retain some control over who's claiming to be a product
maintainer, but it was never clear to me where, if at all, I could
apply for the position.

> Group creaton is something only admins can do. This is to avoid every
> single product in Launchpad creating their own tiny translation group.
> We actively promote that prducts with no previously-established
> tranlsation groups (such as Plone, GNOME, KDE...) use the Ubuntu
> translators group, as it's the biggest and most active in Rosetta. We
> laso recommend people to set their permissions to Structured, which
> prevents vandalism for those languages which have a language team
> already created. Those languages that don't yet have a designated
> translator are free to be translated by anyone, until someone steps up
> as the language coordinator.

That's clear and understandable. I would hesitate to use the Ubuntu
translators group though, since Silva isn't in Ubuntu,  and I wouldn't
want people to feel cheated if they worked on a translation for it.

> Thanks, it keeps getting better! Enjoy your stay at the launchpad. :)

Yes it does, and I will ;)


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