Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Tue Jan 11 15:42:55 CST 2005

Peter Damoc wrote:

> On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 14:49:50 +0100, Carlos Perelló Marín 
> <carlos.perello at canonical.com> wrote:
>>> I've looked at Rosetta, played a little with it... very nice BUT
>>> shouldn't there be a stand-alone app that would connect to the 
>>> Rosetta server and maybe ease the translation?
>>> There are some things that are easier to do with a stand-alone app 
>>> like navigating a long list.
>>> If there is interest in such an app I'm willing to put up some time 
>>> help creating it ;)
>> We have it in our todo list, but we need to create the XML-RPC stuff so
>> the application is able to connect with the server and use the same
>> information Rosetta has atm.
> can you provide some kind of "concept" or a mock-up interface to this 
> XML-RPC server.
>> Thanks for the interest, we will tell you more when we look close to
>> this feature.
>>> also... there should be a higher authority that should prioritise 
>>> the translations, a wannabe translator should be guided to where 
>>> he/she's input would help most. First let's get the Ubuntu CD 
>>> translated then move to universe.
>> We are going to start importing all hoary packages into Rosetta soon. I
>> suppose we will also add some way to show the prioritization you talk
>> about in the UI. Any suggestion for it is welcomed.
> for starters there should be a priority 0 bunch that should include 
> the most used stuff like: Gnome, Synaptic, Firefox, Thunderbird, 
> OpenOffice, Evolution, Gaim, XMMS, Gimp, Inkscape (the order is 
> arbitrary).... I almost forgot... maybe the Ubuntu Installer should 
> have like the highest priority.
> For the rest you could implement some kind of voting system altho this 
> might be abused.

Carlos, there's the TranslationEffort stuff, which has prioritisation 
built in. But I think we can revisit this topic in Feb in Cape Town and 
implement it relatively easily. The requirements have changed a little 
now that we are focused on using rosetta to translate Ubuntu apps.

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