typical procedure for using Rosetta?

Jordi Mallach jordi at canonical.com
Tue Dec 20 21:40:28 GMT 2005

Hey again Jimmy,

On Sun, Dec 18, 2005 at 01:48:25PM -0800, Jimmy Do wrote:
> Is this the typical procedure for a developer working with Rosetta?
> * If I change any strings in the source code, generate a new *.pot
> template, and upload the template using "Upload a File."
> * Before releasing a new version of my app:
>     1. Click on the "Download Translations" link for my app to
> retrieve a *.tar.gz file of the *.pot and *.po files.
>     2. Update the *.po files in CVS with the new versions that I just downloaded
>     3. Upload the same *.tar.gz file of translations I retrieved from
> Rosetta *back* to Rosetta to tell it that I've synched my source with
> the updated translations.

3) would be unecessary, really, if you haven't changed anytihng in the
files between 1 and 3.

What you want to make sure is that before preparing a release, you
update the template in rosetta in advance, maybe 1 week or so, and try
not to change the strings until the release happens (ie, making a
so-called "string-freeze") so your translators can work on the strings
that will appear in the new version, and the tarballs have the most
complete translations you can possibly have.

> I checked the Rosetta Wiki and FAQ, but I couldn't seem to find
> anything about this. Please let me know if there's a guide that I
> missed. Thanks!

Documentation is my weak point, no doubt. I want to write a guide for
translators, product maintainers, etc. "Soon", I guess! :)

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