Allowing pointers/notes to translators (for things that can't be handled with gettext)

Thomas Mills Hinkle tmhinkle at
Sun Apr 17 12:23:30 CDT 2005

My app ( is mostly translated with
gettext and, thanks to rosetta, now translated into a number of
languages. However, I have portions of the translation that can't be
done conveniently with gettext. Specifically, since gourmet is a
recipe program, it comes with some defaults set for e.g. standardized
ingredient names, units, and shopping categories (baking, dairy,
etc.).  These things are all customizable by users, but it's still
nice to have locale specific defaults set for users, so that users see
categories for foods that they're used to. Obviosuly this isn't as
simple as translating strings.

For now, I'd like to know if there's a simple way I can point rosetta
users to another webpage with information on how to translate these
other things so they can have the app working properly in their

Long term, it would also be nice to have some way to customize or
extend a rosetta interface to allow other translation tasks to be done
(the example was given earlier of, for example, having a place to
upload translated screenshots).

Thanks for any insight into current solutions; otherwise, perhaps we
could add some of the above ideas to the wishlist.


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