translating quickguide - thoughts post hoary

Claude Paroz paroz at
Wed Apr 6 14:55:25 CDT 2005

Le mercredi 06 avril 2005 à 13:10 +0100, matthew.east at a
écrit :
> Dear all, 
> What are the chances of getting the quickguide translated through Rosetta? 
> it's not in the at the moment. If it is possible to get it in there, we also 
> need to think about how to package it: the german translations we pulled out 
> of rosetta for release-notes and about-ubuntu had to be fairly heavily 
> edited before we could get them to validate as xml and include them in the 
> doc packages. Also we had the problem that both the documents appeared twice 
> on rosetta. 
> Is it feasible/desirable to translate the quickguide (and other future 
> guides) through rosetta? Obviously, long documents such as these are 
> difficult to coordinate translation without a decent and reliable system. 
> Hats off to the French team for already translating it, but for other 
> languages we're gonna have to think about this carefully IMO. 
> I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this. The quickguide and other 
> future docteam guides will be an incredibly important part of the local 
> (non-web) Ubuntu support system. 

Thanks Matt for your thoughts. 

I'm convinced that Rosetta is the way, but there's still some obstacles
on the way :)

1. First of all and urgently, Rosetta will have to get rid of these
language variations (fr, fr_FR, etc.). People are translating now many
times the same language. It's not fair for them ! 

2. We need only one package for ubuntu-docs to translate it (there is
four now). Does it mean that it should exists only one pot file per
package (Rosetta's admin answer requested :) ) ?
IMHO, it should be named ubuntu-docs and not review-hoary-ubuntu-docs-x
Maybe someone could explain why some packages are named review-hoary...

3. The quickguide (and other docs) should absolutely be available in
Rosetta. And also into language-packs... but that's another story.
The pot is here :

BTW, is there a way to make translated screenshots with Rosetta ?


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