translating quickguide - thoughts post hoary

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Thu Apr 7 04:59:01 CDT 2005

Claude Paroz wrote:

>1. First of all and urgently, Rosetta will have to get rid of these
>language variations (fr, fr_FR, etc.). People are translating now many
>times the same language. It's not fair for them ! 
I thought we had eliminated those back in December at Mataro. Daf?

>2. We need only one package for ubuntu-docs to translate it (there is
>four now). Does it mean that it should exists only one pot file per
>package (Rosetta's admin answer requested :) ) ?
>IMHO, it should be named ubuntu-docs and not review-hoary-ubuntu-docs-x
>Maybe someone could explain why some packages are named review-hoary...
When we did the imports, we had an automated process to identify the
likely name of the template. But some packages make it impossible to do
that... if you have three files all called template.pot it's not
possible to guess an appropriate name. So these ones were assigned the
review-* names automatically. Over time they will be reviewed and the
names fixed to be more appropriate.

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