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On Tue, 2005-04-05 at 20:16 +0100, matthew.east at wrote:
> Thanks for your reply mark, 
> > The plan was to show email addresses of users to other logged-in users. So 
> > make sure you are logged in to Launchpad, then check out their pages and I 
> > think it should show you their email addresses.
> AFAICS it doesn't work. Even when logged in, I do not have permissions to 
> see people's email addresses. It just pops up another dialogue for 
> user/password, and my user/password doesn't work in that. 

You have such permissions, the problem is that people didnt' select a
preferred email address.

Please, check if you can see my email address:

If you don't see it, then we have a bug.

> > The very best idea is to create a Team in launchpad, called, for example, 
> > ubuntu-l10n-it, and to ask your guys to join that team. You would be the 
> > "owner" of the team, so you can see all the requests for membership in the 
> > team, and approve those you want.
> The team was created by Daffyd. You can check it out at 

Yeah, Daf and I prefer to create the team and then add people to it.

> > Bear with us, this is all a little rough around the edges at the moment, 
> > but it's there and it should work.
> :/ 
> I'm thinking perhaps only administrators can access email addresses maybe. 
> Unless I am going mad and missing something obvious. 

There isn't such restriction.

Our current server version does not let you get the member information
(the link to /people/...) but it's already implemented and will be
available soon.


> Matt 

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