matthew.east at matthew.east at
Mon Apr 4 18:32:40 CDT 2005

Hi docteam/rosettateam 

After a productive discussion in irc today, Carlos suggested compiling an 
email for what needs to be looked at re: Docteam/Rosetta interaction, to be 
discussed at UbuntuDownUnder, especially since most of the Docteam will not 
be present there. 

Similarly, in a few emails on the Rosetta list, Daffyd suggested emailing 
with suggestions for improvements to be made to Rosetta. 

I suggest a wiki page for these things: it is more flexible and we can 
amend/comment on each other's thoughts as we go along. I've created one at: 

Hope this catches on! 

thanks for your attention/ideas/feedback 


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