.po uploading problems

Valient Gough vgough at pobox.com
Wed Dec 29 14:50:43 CST 2004

I've been looking into ways to make working with Rosetta easier as a

Rosetta is really setup with translators in mind, which is great because
it can get more people involved in helping with translations, but it is
a bit rough at the edges for a maintainer.

Here is a small Perl script I made for downloading all .PO files from
Rosetta for a given project:

My current workflow is to keep the .po translation files stored within
revision control on my system along with the source code for the
project.  Before releases, I can download the .po files and import them
as a new vendor branch, which allows me to track changes made through
Rosetta's interface (so I can examine them for errors) vs. changes I've
made locally (previous fixes to adjust newlines, space/tab formatting,
and printf characters).  This means that Rosetta does not contain the
final .po files which will ship, and in fact may contain .po files with
serious errors (like printf formatting characters missing or incorrect).

I have tried uploading fixed .po files into rosetta, but the results are
a bit strange.  After uploading, it appeared that nothing had happened,
but now (a few hours later) when I download, I see lots of message
strings have been added which are commented out with "#~".  In a
single .po file, diff reports 181 lines different from what I uploaded
to what I pulled back down.  I am listed as the last contributor for
that file, so there should be no differences at all.


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