Uploading POTs, Showing strings

Uri Sharf usharf at linmagazine.co.il
Sun Dec 26 06:26:54 CST 2004

Hello all and Merry Xmas

I've registered a news Druapl-IL project for the localization of Druapl to 
Hebrew, using Rosetta. I'm having few problems though, mainly uploading more 
than one POT per project. 

But even worst, after uploading the first one, I'm not able to start 
translating anything because the system does not display any of the messages.


Guess I'm doing something wrong, would appreciate if you could link me to some 
helpfull info or a primer on using Rosetta etc.


Uri Sharf
Ed., Linmagazine
visit: http://linmagazine.co.il

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