Congratulations and suggestions

Diego Andrés Asenjo González dasenjo at
Mon Dec 20 13:31:59 CST 2004

Hi, how are you?

Congratulations for the application. I want to help to translate
ubuntu to spanish, and this kind of webapp is a great tool. What a
great idea!

I have two suggestions: 

First, I was trying to translate a page of string of
synapic-development, when I pressed the "Save button" I got System
Error. I know that Rosseta is new and that sort of things can happen.
I just suggests more "verbose" error messages to help with the bug
report. Is this the correct place to make a bug report ?

Second, Translating this synaptic-etc I found string that are
translated in other packages in debian. I think that is so important
to not work twice, searching for the strings that are trslated yet.

Bye, and congratulations again!!!

Long life to Free Software !!!

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