Elliot Murphy applying for MOTU and per-package upload rights

Emmet Hikory persia at ubuntu.com
Thu Jan 21 09:45:50 GMT 2010

Elliot Murphy wrote:
> Hi! I'd like to apply for MOTU and some per-package upload rights for
> packages in main that relate closely to my daily work.

    I'm a little uncomfortable recommending per-package upload rights
for packages with no previous entries in the distribution changelog
(either as the uploader or as a contributor) or upstream ChangeLog,
AUTHORS, NEWS, etc.  Would you please explain your relationship with
evolution-couchdb and couchdb-glib in more detail?

    In regards to your MOTU application, I believe you're completely
on the right track, but generally either prefer to see a higher number
of uploads or much more significant endorsements from others in the
development community.  This may just be an artifact of the continuing
changes to your application (you've received one endorsement and three
positive comments since sending your mail), but I generally prefer to
see either more endorsements or a larger body of reviewable code
changes as part of the application.

    Some questions after reviewing your application:

    You state that you have interest in gardening universe and working
with more erlang applications.  How have your efforts been going in
the past few weeks?  I see some work in this area, both in packaging
and in bug management, but I'm more curious as to your experience in
doing it, and whether you feel that you're part of a team responsible
for these things, or just starting out.

    You also state that you've joined the debian-python and
debian-erlang teams: are you encoutering many issues that would
warrant specific divergence in Ubuntu for packages you're working on
in these teams?  Correspondingly, what general level of interest in
the state of the pacakges in Ubuntu do you see in those teams?

    You state that you find application for MOTU very difficult, and
suggest that we might improve the tools for code review.  Do you have
any specific suggestions on how your code could be better reviewed?
At least for me, the current procedure is to browse changelogs of
previously uploaded packages  or other highlighted packages and review
diffs available on launchpad.  I'd be very happy to hear any
suggestions for better ways to review code contributions, and would
directly apply them to evaluation of your work.  Additionally, you say
that it feels awkward to ask for endorsements for your application: do
you have any alternate suggestions about ways to maintain social
coherence within the development community?

> Unufortunately I won't be able to attend the January 8, January 29, or
> February 12 IRC meetings, so I'd like my application to be processed by
> email if possible

    Be warned that this may not be possible.  We haven't been quick
with email processing recently, and will shortly run out of quorum.
If the application is not completed by 31st January, I strongly
encourage you to apply to the Developer Membership Board directly for
consideration of your request for PerPackageUploader permission.  I do
not currently know how MOTU applications shall be processed after that
date: you may do best to review the minutes of the 2nd February DMB
meeting for guidance.


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