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What do you think about the current policies and practices behind merges and
syncs, can they be made better, and if so, how?*

I think we have very strong policies and practices behind merges and syncs,
and I can't think of anything to change or improve right now. We have pretty
good tools and resources to do our work right, and we have extensive
documentation that will help any beginner to get started.
Nicolas commented that you need to better learn the release process. Have
you started doing this, and if not, why? Are they are any questions you have
concerning releases? Is the process not all the clear?*

Yes I have. I've been through the documentation once again, though since
I've just moved to the US it has been difficult to keep up the past three
weeks, but I'm starting to find my way into it again.

The actual issue I had here is that I always asked nxvl something like
"What's next..." "What can I do now..." "What should not do now..." But now,
since I've been through the release schedule and processes quite a few
times, and by the lots of questions I've asked, my doubts have been cleared.
However, I'll always ask when something is not clear enough to me.

*I see you have a case of the "rushies" which means you have rushed a bit in
packaging in the past. Don't worry, there isn't one person here who hasn't
done it, but...Have you slowed down a bit, are you taking your time? After
you have a package complete, do you test it prior to uploading it or adding
a patch to a bug report?*

Yes my rushes were actually because while building a package, I used to
start working on another package, so I ended up working on two at a time,
which now I know is not the best thing to do. Right now, I take my time to
work on one package at a time. And of course, I now always test my packages
before attaching debdiffs or requesting uploads. All of this is actually
something that you learn to do over team, which also helps you on having
better quality on your work. So now I try to be very cautious in everything
I do.


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