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> I'm voting -1 on this one too, also for pointlessness.  No benefit for existing members to join this team.

Considering the last Emmet's mail [1] and after talking to my sponsors
in order to ask them if I could be ready for becoming MOTU, I've
decided to change this application from Ubuntu Universe Contributor to

In the last period I've worked on several packages, in particular I
have focused my attention on merge/sync processes; I also worked on
"FTBFS" bugs on some ffmpeg dependent packages.

After entering of installation-report-generator [2] in the Universe, I
started to work on a pair of other software which need to be packaged
(ubuntu-customization-kit and mandvd). You can follow these
work-in-progress on REVU.

In the next days, I'm going to start working on the future release of
Installation Report Generator, in order to release the 0.2.0 version
as soon as possible, which will provide some new relevant features
(i.e. plugin support); after that I'll get in touch with Installer
Team, following dholbach's good suggestion.

I want to thank all my sponsors (some of them are in CC) who has spent
their time in giving me support and feedbacks:

Andrea Colangelo (warp10)
Luca Falavigna (DktrKranz)
Devid Antonio Filoni (devfil)
Daniel Holbach (dholbach)
David Futcher (bobbo)
Lionel Porcheron (lionel)
Nathan Handler (nhandler)
Steve Stalcup (vorian)

Thank you in advance for taking in consideration this application.

All the best,

Alessio Treglia

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