Universe Contributors Application for Nick Ellery (nellery)

Nick Ellery nick.ellery at ubuntu.com
Sun Jan 11 04:09:05 GMT 2009

Emmet Hikory wrote:
> Nick Ellery wrote:
>> My name is Nick Ellery.  Please consider this as my application to
>> become a Universe Contributor.
>     I'm not sure I understand the value of this request.  Nick has been
> an Ubuntu Member for some time (since June if my records are to be
> trusted).  His contributions to development are clearly of interest, and
> his recent patches seem to have proceeded with minimal correction
> required by sponsors.  As a result, I vote -1 on this application, for
> sheer pointlessness.  I see no benefit that Nick would gain by joining
> this team, and would like to discourage applications to this team by
> existing Ubuntu Members, as they have already demonstrated sustained and
> significant contribution to Ubuntu: it's silly to reinvestigate them.

This is an interesting point, which I had not considered when I applied
for Universe Contributors, as I assumed that I would still have to go
through this process.

>     Separately, if someone wants to start a discussion about whether
> MOTU Council should simply approve any requests to join this team from
> existing Ubuntu Members without review or voting, I could be convinced
> that rather than dismissing this type of application, the correct
> response is to simply add the applicant as a member, and have done with it.
> Nick,
>     Based on my limited review of your activity as part of this
> application, I do encourage you to contact those who have spoken for
> you, and discuss whether they would renew their support for an
> application to MOTU.  You've quite a lot of uploads, and recent ones
> both look clean, and seem to include some significant technical work.
> I've not worked closely enough with you personally, and do typically
> recommend applicants have gone through a full cycle with Ubuntu to be
> sure they understand both the various limitations imposed by each of the
> freezes, and the prevailing attitudes when no freezes are in effect:
> you'd need to discuss whether your familiarity from Ubuntu work prior to
> your first upload would suffice for this or other factors with those
> supporting your application.

I'd gladly withdraw this application and discuss an application for
MOTUship with my sponsors and members of the MC who supported this
Universe Contributors application, and go from there. However, I'd first
like to wait for a bit of discussion first, before confirming that this
is the correct thing to do.

I can say that my activity during the Intrepid cycle did allow me to
understand the various development freezes and their limitations that
have not yet been passed in Jaunty, however that can be discussed in the


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