MOTU Application for Stéphane Graber (stgraber)

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Tue Nov 18 15:16:36 GMT 2008

Am Mittwoch, den 05.11.2008, 21:51 -0500 schrieb Stéphane Graber:
> So, the packages I have been mainly working on so far are:
> - - pastebinit (universe)
> Command line pastebin client (I'm also upstream for it). I used to do
> the packaging in Ubuntu, now it's been uploaded to Debian and synced
> from there (packaging in a LP bzr branch).
> - - italc (main)
> Classroom management software, added a patch system + did some patches,
> wrote two launchers scripts for avahi and ltsp-cluster integration.
> - - ltsp/ltspfs/ldm (main)
> LTSP itself, I had some uploads sponsored late in Intrepid release
> cycle, did some FFe too and finally we got one of our best LTSP so far :)
> Other than what's already in Ubuntu, I also have:
> - - rt2860 (my PPA)
> A dkms-packaged (that thing rocks) module for a Ralink wireless driver
> used in some new laptops including Asus EEE.
> - - ltsp-cluster (ltsp-cluster-team PPA)
> Currently a set of 7 packages implementing large scale support for LTSP,
> it used to be Mandriva packages, ported to Debian, then cleaned up
> before uploading the code to Launchpad (was in SVN). Packages still need
> some work to be ubuntu-ready but they work well at least in our test lab.
> So basically, what I would do with my MOTU membership would be:
> - - ask for limited upload rights for the above described packages (and
> stop nagging Ogra to upload my stuff :))
> - - upload ltsp-cluster in Universe when package quality is good enough
> for that
> - - As the edubuntu project is coming back to life I'd very likely also
> give a hand at packaging/fixing more educational softwares in Ubuntu and
> getting them in shape for going to main.
i can say that stephane's packages are usually in a quality that i dont
need to complain about anything, being his main uploader and reviewer i
think he is ready for getting main upload rights (else i wouldnt have
proposed him for ltsp (which is in main) indeed :) )

italc, ltsp, ltspfs and ldm are generally in a very good quality if i
recieve packages from stephane and he should be granted MOTUness as well
as the limited main upload rights for the packageset that requires them

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