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Stefan Ebner schrieb:
> Daniel Holbach wrote:
>> Stefan Ebner schrieb:
>>> What's important to me? Well, you know ... new upstream versions =)
>> I'm interested to hear how you decide which ones you pick. Is it "just
>> new upstream" in general?
> Well, as I said (am I repeating myself?).
> Before DIF I focuse on DaD. There I see new upstream versions which is
> my primary focus.
> As they get less I also merge normal stuff. After DIF , as I said, check
> Debian incoming and yes
> here is my focus on new upstream versions. Well at least I take
> everything which looks interesting (I don't touch java stuff, grrr).
> But as debian incomming is also very limitated I usually also take
> "normal" new debian versions.
> My motto: New day, new versions, new luck.

So just "new upstream versions" in general, but not Java?

Once you decided to merge or sync or update to a new upstream version
because you're interested in the package, what makes you go "no, I'll
better not do this one" when you check it?

>>> Can you specific what kind of criticism do you mean?
>> Criticism in general. Being about what you do, how you do it, a specific
>> way how you fixed something, etc. To work effectively as a team, it's
>> important that we can listen to each other and find a compromise and
>> learn.
> As everybody (maybe also you at the beginning) I feel/felt a little bit
> frustrated when somebody says me
> about my work: this is wrong, and this and this ... (Also at my
> beginning this pretty often around me)

One reason why I asked this question was that I was surprised about your
reaction [1] on one of Scott Kitterman's mails in this thread: you
thought about quitting Ubuntu development.

Even if there was a misunderstanding involved or there might be a
language barrier or whatever else provoked this, I'm a bit concerned
over how quickly you'd ponder leaving the team. Did you feel that
frustrated on your journey with the MOTU team before already?

Have a nice day,


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