MOTU re-application for Matvey Kozhev (Sikon)

Sikon inetperson at
Sun Feb 3 12:28:37 GMT 2008

After discussion with Emmet Hikory, who had doubts about me the first time, he 
has agreed that I can re-apply.

Web archive of the previous application:

Since the last time, besides updating packages, I have also been reviewing 
packages on REVU, and there have been cases when the uploaders fixed all 
problems I pointed out, and I had to tell them that I can only review but not 

CCing sponsors I have CC'd the last time:

- Emmet Hikory
- William Grant
- Cesare Tibarassi
- Daniel Holbach
- John Dong

and new ones:

- Michel Angrisano
- Sebastian Dröge
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