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Fri Dec 19 06:14:04 GMT 2008

On Thursday 18 December 2008 19:55:15 Jonathan wrote:
> Dear MOTU Council,
> Please accept this as my application for MOTU status in Ubuntu.
>   * My Launchpad:
>   * My Wiki Page:

First, I have to say that until I read his wiki page, I didn't know he was so 
young.  I thought he was at University.  He's quite mature, capable, and 


> I started off by doing things like fixing trivial packaging bugs. Fueled by
> my love of KDE4, eventually I began wanting packages for some of my
> favorite plasmoids on kde-look. One weekend I plopped down with the
> handy-dandy packaging guide and packaged my very first plasmoid.
> Unfortunately, since the plasmoid was never updated for KDE 4.1 it never
> got uploaded to Intrepid. But that was just the beginning. Since then I
> have packaged 9 plasmoids and a couple other packages for universe. On the
> packaging front I have also done quite a few package updates and bugfixes
> for universe. All in all I have done right around 60 uploads to Ubuntu
> (both main and universe) in Intrepid, with a dozen or so already in Jaunty.

I've reviewed both his new packages and uploads of his for Main and Universe 
and they've all been very good.  A few minor things that could be improved, 
but very good work and very open to sponsor feedback.  I surprised myself by 
getting in for sponsoring.  A large fraction 
of that is Jonathon's fault because he does a lot of good work.  

I think from a packaging perspective he's definitely ready for MOTU and has 
been for some time (I've been bugging him to make this application for a 


> Also on the KDE front, I lead the packaging effort for the first beta of
> KDE 4.2 2 weeks ago. I was in charge of organizing the whole thing and
> reviewing/testbuilding the KDE packagers as our wonderful team of ninjas
> produced them. Harald can attest to how good of a job I did leading KDE 4.2
> beta1 packaging.

Not only Harald.  This was a very tough job with a short window.  For a 
variety of reasons we started our 4.1.2 - 4.2 Alpha/Snapshot transition late 
and it was only half done when it was time to start with 4.2 Beta 1, so he had 
to jump in and coordinate a transition to a new major release without a solid 
archive to start from.  It was quite a good coordination/packaging effort.
> I am requesting to become an MOTU to aid me in my universe work.
> (Maintaining plasmoids and KDE universe packages in general, Kubuntu always
> needs more motus) I believe I have the necessary qualifications. I know how
> to make new packages, maintain existing packages, update packages, merge
> packages with, file Main Inclusion Reports, request for package removals
> when necessary, freeze exceptions, and all that good stuff. All of the
> above I have done. In the immediate future I plan to keep on packaging KDE
> and maintaining the plasmoids I have packaged, along with any other KDE
> universe work that comes up. Once we get the Jaunty specs finalised I plan
> to work on those too, since everybody will have a very full plate this time
> around. I can't imagine life without Kubuntu, and I plan to stick around
> for a while. Maybe one day I'll go for core-dev, who knows...
> Sponsors:
>   - Scott Kitterman (ScottK)

I'll add that on the MOTU front, when (I think it was apachelogger) wanted a 
known bad package for sebner (once again, IIRC) to review on REVU as part of 
his MOTU application, it was Jonathon he turned to to create it.  The thorough 
job he did of making that package suck is a good indication he knows what 
makes a good one.

One the community integration front, his integration in the Kubuntu 
development community is excellent and total (we don't make a large 
distinction between Main and Universe in that work).  He has also been 
involved in MOTU directly and I expect that will improve.

I quite trust him to do almost all good work, to dig in and fix it when he 
messes up, and to stop and ask questions when he hits an area of uncertainty.

Definite plus one from me.

Scott K

P.S. for bonus Universe Ninja points, please go update kdenlive to the KDE4 
version.  The guy that was working on it seems to have flamed out and users are 
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