MOTU Application for Fabien Tassin (fta)

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Mon Aug 25 14:59:12 BST 2008

On Monday 25 August 2008 09:35, Alexander Sack wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 01:16:21PM -0300, Cody A.W. Somerville wrote:
> >    On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 10:11 PM, Scott Kitterman
> >    <[1]ubuntu at> wrote:
> >    <snip>
> >
> >      Looking at his packages page I see 10 uploads of 8 packages (all but
> > one Mozilla related).  I don't recall seeing any activity in
> > #ubuntu-motu. I
> >      don't know how extensive his involvement in the other 10 packages he
> >      lists
> >      on his application were, but even with them it seems a thin list
> > (and this
> >      is without discounting the ones in Main as we are apparently
> > supposed to do
> >      now).
> >
> >      fta may well be perfectly capable, but I don't know of any
> > significant community or technicaly track record that supports the
> > assertion?
> >
> >    I share this sentiment. I've never seen or heard of this individual
> >    before.
> I haven't seen or heard of you before as well (until a few weeks
> ago). Does it matter? Or does it indicate that your contributions are
> non-substantial? I dont think so. Its just that i am not working on
> the same areas that you are engaged in.
> Actually, I don't understand that you are commenting here at all -
> given that you have never interfaced with him (in neither a positive
> nor negative way). Its your right to do so, but why do you think that
> you have a qualified enough opinion to put into this thread?
> FWIW, Fabien doesnt make _any_ noise (and rarely speaks on -motu) - he
> works hard instead. When he started to contribute i frequently sent
> him to -motu to ask for review/sponsors for his work. What happened?
> Unsuprisingly he was sent back to me. Thus, most packages sponsored
> went through me (reason for the lack of visiblity in -motu).
> Also most mozilla packages we ship are all maintained by us - means:
> more work for each individual upload compared to most packages where
> we just maintain merges (reason for the lack of a terrific upload
> count).
> Last but not least remember that universe desparately lacks mozilla
> MOTUs. And here he is: skilled enough that I would entrust him to
> maintain and upload any existing and any future mozilla package;
> standalone apps, xulrunner apps, extensions, plugins and so on.

Yes, but people on other teams not so tightly tied to the Gnome desktop get 
these objections, so why should mozillateam be special?

This isn't personal.  As you say, I've no idea either way, but if it isn't 
important to be part of the MOTU community, then it should be consistently 
not important.

Scott K

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