Universe Contributors application for Iain Lane (Laney)

Jonathan Patrick Davies jpds at ubuntu.com
Thu Aug 14 22:53:36 BST 2008

* Iain Lane (ubuntu at orangesquash.org.uk) wrote:
> I would very much like your consideration for my application to become a
> Ubuntu Universe Contributor.
> I have been involved in Ubuntu development for approximately six months
> now, starting out with some tiny bitesize bug fixes in the Hardy cycle
> and graduating to merges and syncs for Intrepid. I've now had experience
> in most major areas that we work in, through to SRUs and transitions.
> I've also contributed some code and an additional script to
> ubuntu-dev-tools at [0]. These scripts can be very useful for Ubuntu
> developers in their work, and there is still much scope for improvement
> here.
> You can view my wiki page, in which I have documented some of my work at
> [1], and of course my +packages page at [2].
> In the future, I plan on staying on much the same course. I see
> opportunities for packaging of various functional/dependently typed
> related packages, which I will probably attack in the next few weeks.
> I'll work on fixing as many bugs as I can and getting as much excellent
> software in for Intrepid as is possible!
> I'd like to thank my sponsors Daniel, Jonathan and Siegfried-Angel for
> kindly agreeing (and volunteering!) to speak to my application. Your
> help is greatly appreciated.

I have not sponsored any of Iain's packages however, I have worked with him with
the ubuntu-dev-tools programs and have seen him helping several people on IRC. I
wish him the best of luck on his path towards MOTUship, and give him a big +1 on
his u-y-c application.


> I'd also like to thank the Ubuntu-UK podcast for providing the soundtrack to
> my writing of this application ;)

Now, if only I'd win one of their competitions... ;-)
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