MOTU Application for Nicolas Valcárcel (nxvl)

Chuck Short chuck.short at
Tue Aug 12 14:38:50 BST 2008

Cesare Tirabassi wrote:
> On Wednesday 06 August 2008 21:59:23 Nicolas Valcarcel wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I'm Nicolas Valcárcel[0] (a.k.a. nxvl). Please consider this as my
>> application to become a member of the Masters of the Universe.
> I was one of the reviewers for Augeas, that Nicolas packaged recently.
> Beside that, I don't think I have been sponsoring anything else from Nicolas 
> lately (please Nicolas let me know if I'm forgetting something).
> I can however vouch for Nicolas willingness in helping new contributors, he 
> recently joined the Mentoring Reception where he is active with the normal 
> workflow as well as with new ideas on how we could improve and make it more 
> effective our mentoring activities.
> He also offered himself as a mentor for people interested in Server work, and 
> gracefully accepted to become an uuc member to be able to do so.
> He is a keen and eager (perhaps sometime even too eager) contributor, and I'm 
> sure he will be a fine addition to the team.
> Cesare
I just want to add my +1, Nicolas has provided good work to the Ubuntu 
Server Team. I have uploaded various patches for him over the past 
couple of months.


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