Application for "Ubuntu Universe Contributors"

Pedro Fragoso emberez at
Wed Apr 30 17:50:17 BST 2008

Hi, my name's Pedro Fragoso, ( )

Since Universe Contributors is getting some form and i was in the Council
Agenda [0] since February to become a Ubuntu Member i decided to take a

I've  been working with Desktop Team [1] updating and rolling new upstreams
of Gnome into Ubuntu, and with Accessibility Team some of packages are on my
LP page [2].

I've done some merge work on Universe and QA and bugfix, many examples are
on my LP page [2] and my wiki [3]. I maintain some of packages like
deskscribe. evolution-rss. gnome-terminal, mpd, wordpress, metacity.

My goals is to continue to work with Desktop Team and Accessibility team
with updates, bugs, and getting back some changes into Debian.

I also want to say thanks to my sponsors like Daniel (who helped me alot),
Sebastian Bacher (for huge sponsor), Emilio (for some universe sponsor and
help), Loic and Michael (for help and sponsor) and Luke (for all
accessibility updates sponsor)

Best regards,
Pedro Fragoso

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