Application for "Ubuntu Universe Contributors"

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort pochu at
Wed Apr 30 22:06:53 BST 2008

Hi there,

Pedro Fragoso wrote:
> Hi, my name's Pedro Fragoso, ( )
> Since Universe Contributors is getting some form and i was in the
> Council Agenda [0] since February to become a Ubuntu Member i decided to
> take a shot.
> I've  been working with Desktop Team [1] updating and rolling new
> upstreams of Gnome into Ubuntu, and with Accessibility Team some of
> packages are on my LP page [2].

> [2]

Although that page speaks by itself, Pedro has been doing a rocking work wrt
GNOME packaging. He's been doing lots of updates at least since I joint the
team, and he's also working with the Debian GNOME Team doing some work there.

I've also sponsored a few uploads to Universe, and have reviewed one package in
REVU, and generally he has done a good work.

Pedro has learnt a lot in this time, and he asks for help when he is in doubt.
He will be a great member of this new team, and I'm sure some day he will become
a great MOTU!

Keep the good work Pedro!


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