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Till Kamppeter [2008-04-02 13:52 +0200]:
> This was all with the intention to deliver fixed packages before  
> release, The contributors were so enthusiastic on these packages that I  
> was very confident on that they would fix the remaining bugs in a few  
> days. And they did. And I also did not simply upload, I talked with  
> Martin Pitt about that and he agreed also with the upload.

Just to clarify this, since I do not have a Brother printer either, I
could not test the functionality of the packages. I reviewed the first
uploads from the NEW queue and rejected most of them, and answered
with a page long list of things to fix. In the second round the source
packages were ok, and I rejected the binaries which had world-writable
files in them.

I did not deliberately accept broken binary packages into the archive.
They might still have had a few bugs, or not actually work (no way I
can tell without having the hardware), but that's true for a lot of
software which enters multiverse, and even universe.

In my current practice as archive admin I do not require packages to
be 100% perfect, they must just be good enough to not violate
packaging policy in a serious way, or open gaping security holes (as
the world-writable versions did, but those were binary-rejected).
Also, I generally don't object to people uploading new software, since
checking them in source NEW will happen anyway.

If I violated any MOTU policy (I wasn't aware of the "two acks" rule
at that time, sorry), I apologize and ask you to point out such things
to me immediately.


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