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Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Wed Sep 26 15:25:51 BST 2007

On Wednesday 26 September 2007 10:02, Laurent Bigonville wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Sep 2007 01:01:45 +0200
> Stefan Potyra <sistpoty at> wrote:

> > I guess that's a problem of the process behind REVU. Having a fixed queue
> > of possible reviewers (:= MOTUs) will result in the fact that some
> > packages (which are low in the queue) will get lost. Can you state what
> > exactly (what parts of the integration with LP, what kind of process
> > differences compared to REVU) make you think that bzr
> > reviewing/sponsorship is better?
> About the LP integration, the fact that it's easier to do collaborative
> work, since you can attach a branch, review a branch or merge a branch
> easily.
So what future do you see for peole who don't care to learn bzr?  

Scott K

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