MOTU Application for Philipp Kern

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Tue Sep 25 23:21:08 BST 2007


Am Dienstag 25 September 2007 22:59:53 schrieb Philipp Kern:
> Dear MOTU council,
> I hereby apply as a Master of the Universe.
> I am an Ubuntu member since 2007-09-06 and a Debian Developer since
> 2005. For more personal details about me please see my Launchpad
> homepage[0].
> I cared about my packages (mainly Gobby and dependencies) in Ubuntu
> since quite a while, trying to keep them synced and suited for release.
> Recently I also got more involved into Ubuntu, got a reviewer account on
> REVU thanks to ajmitch[1], fixed some bugs, commented on some, got some
> packages in shape and got them sponsored and occasionally helped
> with bug tracking on #ubuntu-motu.

Great, I have no doubts about contributions so far and about your technical 
skills since you're a DD. I guess I'll ask you a few question when I'm unsure 
myself though :P

> Well, I like where Ubuntu is faced to and it is already an appealing
> system for desktops and less-techies than I am. As a MOTU I would try to
> improve the Gnomie experience a bit more and work on the libraries
> beneath[2].

Reading on, that gnome-2.20 has just entered unstable, I'm 
curious to hear what you think the differences between debian and ubuntu are 
in this regard (noting, that I'm a KDE user, and don't know anything about 
what changes or whatever the 2.20 stands for).

Also what do you think about the interaction between debian and ubuntu? What 
could be improved/what works well so far? What are you doing/could you do to 
improve the current situation?

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