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Laurent Bigonville l.bigonville at
Tue Sep 11 17:01:45 BST 2007

Hi Sarah,

I think that the overall quality is quite good.
I have personally always worked with the Debian Telepathy Team.
TP Debian Team is mainly composed of TP Upstream authors. My goal is to
keep synced as much as possible with Debian to avoid duplicate work.

Of course freeze periods are needed. I've made UVFe request
for telepathy related packages because they still in heavy development
and have a small user base (one of them was requested by an upstream
author). People who currently use telepathy do it mainly for testing
so up-to-date version is important. With software with more user base I
would be more careful. That's true that I've not always explain the
reasons in my UVFe request I need to follow the policy a bit more.

I don't remember having made a lot of big mistakes lately. But I will of
course double check my changes if I upload them myself on the archive.

About regressions during freeze I would contact upstream to have
information to deal with. I would try to extract patches or upload a
new version if I'm sure there are no further regressions.



On Tue, 11 Sep 2007 19:30:20 +1000
Sarah Hobbs <hobbsee at> wrote:

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> Hi Laurent,
> A few questions, before I give my response...
> 1.  What do you feel the quality of telepathy packages is like in Ubuntu?
> 2.  Do you think the freeze (in particular, UVFe) requirements are
> reasonable, and what (if anything) would you like to see improved in
> them?  Do you think that it is too much red tape, to file a UVFe,
> including the part about giving reasons for the changes?
> 3.  Of your patches that have been incorrect, are you confident that you
> have gained the skills to not make these mistakes again?  Remember,
> upload rights are unrestricted, and a lot is based on trust.  There isnt
> much (if any) peer review of uploads.
> 4.  How do you tend to deal with regressions in packages, particularly
> after a freeze?
> Hobbsee
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