MOTU Application

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Tue Jun 5 14:12:38 BST 2007

I'd like to second what Hobbsee said.  I think Mario is doing good work (which 
is why I spoke up for him as an Ubuntu member to the CC), but I don't feel 
he's quite ready yet.  

Personally, I also think it would be good if Mario would show some interest in 
things outside Mythbuntu.  I think showing breadth as well as depth is 

Keep up the good work.

Scott K

On Tuesday 05 June 2007 00:34, Sarah Hobbs wrote:
> I've thought about this for a few days, hence the lack of reply, and I'm
> inclined to agree with Jérémie and Emmet here.  I didn't work with Mario
> much, and the stuff I did do had some glitches, particularly in the
> licensing.
> I'd like to see Mario be able to extend his skills during at least part
> of the Gutsy release cycle, before he has powers to upload straight into
> the archive.  He's done a great job, and I know he'll improve, but I'm
> not sure that he's ready to upload unassisted yet - I think people
> eyeballing his packages is a good idea.
> Keep up the great work, Mario :)
> Hobbsee
> ------------
> Jérémie Corbier wrote:
> > I wish I could support your application but I did not work enough with
> you to
> > feel comfortable with that.  I am quite sure your other sponsors will
> be much
> > better than me at advocating your skills.
> Emmet Hikory wrote:
> >     I have not worked closely enough with Mario to have a strong
> > appreciation for understanding and skills.  Neither of the reviewed
> > items required revision or adjustment prior to uploading.

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