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I've thought about this for a few days, hence the lack of reply, and I'm
inclined to agree with Jérémie and Emmet here.  I didn't work with Mario
much, and the stuff I did do had some glitches, particularly in the

I'd like to see Mario be able to extend his skills during at least part
of the Gutsy release cycle, before he has powers to upload straight into
the archive.  He's done a great job, and I know he'll improve, but I'm
not sure that he's ready to upload unassisted yet - I think people
eyeballing his packages is a good idea.

Keep up the great work, Mario :)


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Jérémie Corbier wrote:
> I wish I could support your application but I did not work enough with
you to
> feel comfortable with that.  I am quite sure your other sponsors will
be much
> better than me at advocating your skills.

Emmet Hikory wrote:
>     I have not worked closely enough with Mario to have a strong
> appreciation for understanding and skills.  Neither of the reviewed
> items required revision or adjustment prior to uploading.
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