application for MOTU from Andrea Veri

Scott Kitterman scott at
Fri Aug 17 22:33:27 BST 2007

On Friday 17 August 2007 12:22, Andrea Veri wrote:

> After a small talk with Matt Zimmerman, I've decided to follow up this
> discussion and would like to ask for my application to be restarted.
> I got already deferred for a test-week, where the motu council asked me
> to work with a sponsor to prove my skills and team-work. The feedback
> given was positive from all of my sponsors and the council itself.
> (gauvain said in his mail : "Andrea seems to have worked and improved
> his technical skills" and "Anyway I'm globally OK to have Andrea in the
> team").  He talked about the noise my application has generated, noise
> related to merge policies already discussed on the motu list (Pinging
> previous mergers --> reported by stefan here too [1]) which were not
> caused directly by my application but by a merge policy problem (or lack
> thereof). I don't think having my application deferred again without a
> good reason would be the right thing to do, where all of my sponsors
> have reported a good opinion and where the time has passed since the day
> I applied (more or less two months ago).
> [1]
I'm curious if you intend to continue contributing to Ubuntu if this is not 
accepted?  It looks to me like you've pretty well stopped doing activities 
that result in uploads while you are waiting to find out:

Scott K

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