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Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Sun Jul 15 17:24:33 BST 2007


Am Mittwoch 27 Juni 2007 21:45:41 schrieb Andrea Veri:
> Dear MOTU council,
> I'm asking to please consider this mail as my application to become an
> official Master of the Universe.

the week has passed now, and though very little new feedback has arrived, I'd 
like to start the voting process now to not drag this on forever.

Things I liked from your application are:
* the huge number of contributions so far
* that you actively work on debian as well
* the good feedback from Zhengpeng Hou, Vladimír Lapáček, Ante Karamatić, 
Jordan Mantha
* especially the good feedback from your debian sponsor Alexander Sack

Things that concern me a little bit:
* the questions raised about your ability as a team player from Luke Yelavich 

Things I didn't concider at all for my decision:
* the stolen merges problem: as the discussion on the motu ML shows, this is 
rather a problem of the merge policy (or lack thereof) and not of your 
* the recent feedback from Scott K. (I can't find any comments that these were 
not ready for upload; only by giving the sponsee feedback about errors/minor 
flaws, he can improve his skills. Granted, I may miss the informal part here 
since I've only been reading the bugs in question).
* the feedback mentioning errors of the past. I guess you could fill pages 
about errors I've done in the past, and the only way to not make any error is 
not to due any work at all.

So overall, especially the feedback from Alexander leaves me no doubt about 
your technical skills.

Since Luke's concerns pretty much also boil down to merging practices, I can't 
say that I doubt your ability as a team player.


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