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Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Thu Aug 2 19:38:36 BST 2007

Hi William,

Am Donnerstag 26 Juli 2007 23:05:43 schrieb William Lima:
> Dear MOTU Council,
> I'd like to be a MOTU and believe that I'm ready. 

First off, I've heard that you left quite a bad impression when you started 
working with the community by not being patient enough. So I'm curious if 
this changed in the mean time. Since I just can't make up a good question 
about this right now, maybe you have some comments?

> Basically, as start, becoming a MOTU, I hope to continue helping people
> on #ubuntu-motu (as "real" MOTU) and reviewing packages on REVU.

Do you have other goals besides these? Also, what difference will it make to 
you helping people as "real MOTU" instead of just as a contributor?

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