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Thu Feb 20 02:52:52 UTC 2014

hey Daniel - I would say that in terms of bug cycling, its a good sign that
a) we're finding bugs through use & testing...which is ever expanding since
we're adding features
b) we are actually fixing bugs as well.

In other words, if no bugs were moving in or out...i'd be worried. We could
argue maybe on the volume, but in my view the team is loaded and
delivering. Without more folks, we probably can't expect to go much faster
through our bugs. So for any of those out in the community reading you're
invited, if you'd like to contribute consider bug fixing a great way to get

As for the high importance and re-classifying bugs away. I actually
Just did a cursory look, I think we've got bad hygiene.
There's quite a few things that are either OBE, not really high or really
I'll do some for instances just in the top view I skimmed...
autopilot tests failling on mir - this is well solved as of today
maguro performance - now abandoned, and we know the chipset had issues
a handful to several bugs for Xmir - which while interesting, not High as
that's not our focus
On bugs that are features...i don't mind, some people respond better to
bugs than blueprints so I usually just duplicate, but it does help bloat
the bug count.
All that being said, I'll schedule some time to do a good scrubbing for
state & priority.
As such, I might be aggressive on the closure of please, reopen &
comment if I happen to conclude a bug you still think is valid.


On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 8:00 PM, Daniel van Vugt <
daniel.van.vugt at> wrote:

> It's unlikely many people have noticed, but Mir's bug count has hovered
> surprisingly reliably between 180 and 200 since mid last year.
> It seems we're in a cycle of:
>   1. Bug count nears 200
>   2. We do a point release
>   3. Bug count drops to 180+.
>   4. Repeat
> Given that 72 bugs are presently "High importance", I think this is a less
> than ideal situation. AFAIK, our bug Importance fields are fairly accurate.
> So it's not just a problem that can be re-classified away. We need to
> actually fix things.
> Should we be worried?
> - Daniel
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