Qt Scenegraph and Mir

Gerry Boland gerry.boland at canonical.com
Wed Oct 30 16:01:22 UTC 2013

Hi folks,
as many of you know, on the current phone/tablet, all the application
switching animations are not done with live surfaces, but instead with
screenshots. This obviously is not ideal, so I want to fix that.

I've been researching ways to more tightly combine Mir surfaces with
Qt/QML, so that a Mir surface integrates nicely with QML, so they can be
transformed and animated with the usual QML syntax. It also discusses
non-GL hardware acceleration, and input handling.

I've written up the results of my research, and several proposed
solutions in this document:

Anything unclear or vague, please comment and I'll address it as best I can.

I want to open discussions on the topic ASAP, so that we can decide the
best strategy forward, and let me get to work on this!


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