Multi-display on Multi-GPU support

Daniel van Vugt daniel.van.vugt at
Wed Jun 26 02:16:14 UTC 2013


I think you raise a good point no one has discussed yet. That is "how 
does Mir handle multiple (simultaneous) GPUs"? I think we should keep it 
in mind as a driver model evolves.

As for multi-display, that effort is already under way. And hopefully, 
eventually, it will play nice with multiple GPUs.

- Daniel

On 26/06/13 07:02, Alexander GamePad wrote:
> Hello,
> Now (on X) there is no good way to use Three-headed configuration with
> two GPUs. There are only two bad ways:
> - Creating a separate X session for each physical display (or for each
> physical GPU, using TwinView on nVidia configurations). This doesn't
> allow us use any interaction between X screens such as dragging windows
> or drag'n'drop.
> - Using Xinerama. This piece of old code is totally incompatible with
> Composite extension and disables hardware acceleration as well. This is
> obviously bad.
> Another approach is using XRandR, but it broke the image with nouveau
> and just didn't work with multiple nVidia GPUs using latest 319 drivers.
> So now there is no way doing this on X (but it is working perfectly
> normal on Windows!).
> So, I wish to know if this feature would be implemented.

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