Multi-display on Multi-GPU support

Alexander GamePad gamepad64 at
Tue Jun 25 23:02:21 UTC 2013

Now (on X) there is no good way to use Three-headed configuration with two
GPUs. There are only two bad ways:
- Creating a separate X session for each physical display (or for each
physical GPU, using TwinView on nVidia configurations). This doesn't allow
us use any interaction between X screens such as dragging windows or
- Using Xinerama. This piece of old code is totally incompatible with
Composite extension and disables hardware acceleration as well. This is
obviously bad.
Another approach is using XRandR, but it broke the image with nouveau and
just didn't work with multiple nVidia GPUs using latest 319 drivers.
So now there is no way doing this on X (but it is working perfectly normal
on Windows!).

So, I wish to know if this feature would be implemented.
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