Fwd: Screen Blanking Power Management Requirements

Daniel van Vugt daniel.van.vugt at canonical.com
Tue Jun 25 02:54:35 UTC 2013

Some of the feature, like the blank/unblank obviously lives inside 
libmirserver. But I think we should also move common logic that won't 
change between shells into libmirserver, such as detection of input 
events to calculate inactivity.

Also, the assertion that input events will trigger dbus messages is 
either a bad interpretation of mine, or just a bad idea. Input events 
easily happen 1000 times per second. You don't want to turn those into a 
flood of bus messages. The timeout has to happen in the Mir server itself.

On 25/06/13 01:29, Robert Carr wrote:
> Hi! There was a meeting today on power management requirements for Mir
> on phablet. Sending out an email to capture the new requirements.
> Essentially the model is as follows:
> The shell will use it's event filter, to emit DBus events, i.e. Session
> Idle (say no input in X minutes), Session Unidle.
> powerd will listen to these events and combine power management policy
> (i.e. do we blank the screen on idle? perhaps there is a video playing,
> so we do not at the moment), and in many cases ask the shell again "blank".
> So the requirement on Mir is for methods on mg::Display to blank/unblank
> the display. Is someone able to take this as a work item?
> Thanks,
> Robert

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