Lotsa numbers

Kevin Gunn kevin.gunn at canonical.com
Wed Dec 11 18:46:21 UTC 2013

Hey Daniel -
I'm certainly not opposed..
I can't remember exactly why, but I believe its the release teams process
to add the date in when they insert it into archive.

Didrocks ?


On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 1:24 AM, Daniel van Vugt <
daniel.van.vugt at canonical.com> wrote:

> The current archive release of Mir is:
>     0.1.2+14.04.20131128.1-0ubuntu2
> But do we really need to keep all that  date info? Surely all we really
> want is:
>     0.1.2-0ubuntu2
> It's just as unique, and less a jumble of numbers. It might also stop
> Launchpad from complaining:
>     "Mir 0.1.2 is older than the current packaged version"...
> - Daniel
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