Suggestion: clarify on the wiki that Mir/XMir testing might imply some risks.

Mario Rugiero mrugiero at
Fri Aug 23 17:12:10 UTC 2013

Hi, my name is Mario Rugiero, I've been following the mail list since one
or two months ago, I think.
As the subject says, I think it would be wise to put a statement about
testing Mir/XMir right now, since Ubuntu is also aimed to common folks that
might not know software in development might contain bugs of varying
What I thought was just adding on the main Mir page such fact, and pointing
to the bug tracker (I see there is a link on the page, but it only suggests
to file the ones they find, not to check for which bugs are already known)
so novice testers may know which kind of things to expect, and make and
informed decision. Just an idea.

Thanks for your time.
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