Mir & UnityNextUI weekly Apr 12, 2013

Kevin Gunn kevin.gunn at canonical.com
Fri Apr 12 19:51:37 UTC 2013

Hi all,
hope all finds you well.
Please find the Mir/UnityNextUI team weeklies

*UnityNext & Mir Weekly Report**
*Apr 12, 2013*

*Current Team Theme*

  * Integrate UnityNext onto Mir
      o Improve UnityNext testing & code cleanup post MWC
      o Mir build out to support UnityNext
  * As always  live action here
      o https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1303-unity-ui-iteration-0
      o https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1303-mir-phone-iteration-0
      o all all the dependent blueprints

*Acheived this week**

  * Mir
      o Landed in process egl clients (still needs change for qtubuntu
        bug #1163393 )
      o Landed dma buff file descriptors vs GEM for passing client buffers
      o Landed simplified main event loop for server events
      o Landed some cleanup/simplification around surface event handling
        setting, "mirshared" input vs "mirandroid"
      o Landed fb management code to deliver proper buffer order & wait
        if there's nothing to show
      o MP's made for surface states, use of mir fbnativewindow vs 3rd
        party type for HWC to consume, put input focus selection into
        its own ctlr vs in input manager
  * UnityNext UI
      o Completed deep dive review with design on greeter infographic,
        ui layout started & work with unity API on interface
      o Fixed the jenkins test coverage reporting to be accurate
      o Doing another little "option" task around HUD ux
      o Landed several tests: launcher, tiles, some indicator, clock,
        search, panel, sidestage, People preview, lvwph, flow view
      o Continued review/rework of branches for notification, use of
        indicator from lock screen (user story), and closing apps from
        Apps view in Dash (user story)
      o Addressed a couple of FIXMEs: hudclient, indicators; some TODOs
        under way in People & Video dash views
      o Removed some dead code
      o MP's for testing menu items , cleaned up some hardcode
        application fakes (fake there but nicely abstracted),

*Shooting for next week*

  * Mir
      o Land MP's for edge type, remainder of mir native fb, separate
        input object cntlr, surface states
      o Do some more bug fixing
      o Continue work towards MP on hw cursor, mir sdl for phone emu,
        demo shell w/ input filters
      o do baseline on performance, cursory analysis
  * UnityNext UI
      o Conclude HUD ux option effort for usability testing
      o continue effort to reimpl LVWPH
      o See an MP for using indicators from lockscreen
      o Continue addressing TODO/FIXMEs
      o Continue build out of tests

*Risks and Issues*

  * unknown impact of usability testing

*Noteworthy/Something cool*
*** *

  * UnityNext team already hitting ~60% test coverage...target was 50%
    for April...keep truckin' guys

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