Mir licensing

Alan Griffiths alan.griffiths at canonical.com
Fri Apr 12 13:42:52 UTC 2013

On 12/04/13 07:32, Daniel van Vugt wrote:
> There has been some confusion and misinformation floating around about
> GPL vs LGPL in the Mir source.
> The latest [1] advice I've heard is that we want everything to be GPL
> except where it can't be (in client processes). This means LGPL for
> client library source (and shared stuff that might go into
> libmirclient). Otherwise GPL everywhere else.
> If I'm wrong (again), please discuss it here, or in another bug like
> 1168225 [2].
> Keep in mind the official instructions [3] for using GPL and LGPL. 

I can't find anything clear on the legal website, but here's a relevant
snippet from #mir:

Mar 04 15:15:34 <didrocks>    hey guys
Mar 04 15:15:36 <tvoss>    alf, alan_g we need to some help to adjust
the license in the source files
Mar 04 15:15:48 <alan_g>    tvoss: tell me
Mar 04 15:15:52 <alf>    tvoss: sure
Mar 04 15:16:06 <didrocks>    all the "library" part should be LGPL and
the executable/server part should be GPL
Mar 04 15:16:07 <tvoss>    didrocks, shoot at alan_g and alf
Mar 04 15:16:32 <didrocks>    I'm trying to decipher and having a list
of the directories we expect to be server and what needs to be library :)
Mar 04 15:17:02 <didrocks>    do you mind providing a list of
directories for what we consider that being part of the library (which
random other process will link against) and the server part?
Mar 04 15:17:17 <alan_g>    didrocks: src/main.cpp is exe, rest of src
is library
Mar 04 15:17:50 <alf>    didrocks: plus examples/  are of course GPL
Mar 04 15:18:32 <alan_g>    didrocks: examples, tests are exe, include
is library
Mar 04 15:18:33 <didrocks>    alf: so, every files in src/ ?
Mar 04 15:18:41 <didrocks>    ah rest is library
Mar 04 15:18:44 <didrocks>    ok
Mar 04 15:18:49 <didrocks>    and tests?
Mar 04 15:18:55 <alan_g>    didrocks: every in src file except main.cpp
Mar 04 15:19:06 <didrocks>    every tests?
Mar 04 15:19:17 <alf>    didrocks: yes
Mar 04 15:19:36 <didrocks>    interested, at least, it will makes things
easy :)
Mar 04 15:19:56 <didrocks>    ok, one sec, some find and sed fun :)
Mar 04 15:19:57 <alan_g>    executable=(examples, tests, src/main.cpp)
Mar 04 15:20:24 <didrocks>    thanks alan_g, alf :)
Mar 04 15:20:26 <didrocks>    fixing that, one sec
Mar 04 15:20:38 <tvoss>    didrocks, just ping the mp to alf and alan_g
Mar 04 15:21:39 <alf>    tvoss: do we want libmirserver to be LGPL to
allow custom (non-GPL) shells?
Mar 04 15:22:10 <alan_g>    tvoss: when did we decide on LGPL?!
Mar 04 15:22:21 <tvoss>    alf, alan_g it's company policy for libraries
Mar 04 15:22:52 *    alan_g never knew that
Mar 04 15:23:07 <didrocks>    tools?
Mar 04 15:23:13 <didrocks>    alan_g: alf ^
Mar 04 15:23:14 <tvoss>    alan_g,

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