maas not detecting nodes

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Fri Feb 10 07:23:31 UTC 2017

On 10/02/17 06:38, Mike Pontillo wrote:
> It's actually a meaningful name; the '5005' in that example correlates
> directly with the VLAN ID, which should make it relatively easy to
> find its context via the MAAS API if necessary (or the UI, if you feel
> like browsing to a subnet and then manually changing the number at the
> end of the URL bar).
> Note that MAAS deliberately starts numbering its VLAN identifiers >
> 5000 so that we avoid confusing the surrogate key with a VID like you
> would see on the wire.

This is not nearly as helpful as you think it is.

We're using the same general terminology for two completely different
things, based only on the very specialist knowledge that VLANs don't go
higher than 4096. Also, if I read you correctly, we are leaking the
internals of a database schema ("vlan database rows have a primary key
that is an integer over 5000") for no design reason at all. If that's
correct... nyet, spasibo :)

What I would expect is:

 * we would use the term segment rather than VLAN because the fabric
might be trunked switches

 * we would make up an identifier of the form hexhexhex or similar,
separate from any database primary key id, and use that as a name


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