[lubuntu-users] Rebuild 19.10 iso enlarge usr

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Thu Jan 30 11:50:04 UTC 2020

I'm attempting to create a zfs on root install (Virtualbox vm) with
lubuntu-19.10. When I mount the ISO in Virtualbox setup df -h shows
the user directory being 48 percent used... it leaves very little room
for installing the tools I use like openssh-server and zfs-initramfs.

zfs-initramfs pulls in a fair bit of stuff as does openssh.

Once those are installed /usr is very near 100 percent in use.  I want
more room.

In 18:10 usr is quite a lot larger with considerably less in use at

I know very little about building iso's but I'm hoping someone here
will know how something about making /usr more roomy. Hopefully its
not really that complicated to someone who knows how.

Anyone here who can advise me about this?

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