[lubuntu-users] Rebuild 19.10 iso enlarge usr

Nio Wiklund wiklund.olle at gmail.com
Thu Jan 30 14:58:40 UTC 2020

Den 2020-01-30 kl. 12:50, skrev Harry Putnam:
> I'm attempting to create a zfs on root install (Virtualbox vm) with
> lubuntu-19.10. When I mount the ISO in Virtualbox setup df -h shows
> the user directory being 48 percent used... it leaves very little room
> for installing the tools I use like openssh-server and zfs-initramfs.
> zfs-initramfs pulls in a fair bit of stuff as does openssh.
> Once those are installed /usr is very near 100 percent in use.  I want
> more room.
> In 18:10 usr is quite a lot larger with considerably less in use at
> mouning.
> I know very little about building iso's but I'm hoping someone here
> will know how something about making /usr more roomy. Hopefully its
> not really that complicated to someone who knows how.
> Anyone here who can advise me about this?

Hi Harry,

Sorry if I misunderstand the problem that you describe. Please explain.

The size of the partitions in a live system (when booted from an iso 
file) and the size of the corresponding partition in the installed 
system are rather independent of each other. The size in the installed 
system depends mainly on what drive space is available (or what you 
decide to allocate). This should be the case in a virtual machine as 
well as on bare metal (directly in a computer).

Best regards

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