[lubuntu-users] Wish list for Lu 20.04 in 2020

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 17:40:54 UTC 2020


Happy New Year to the list . . . .  While we are posting our wish list
items for Lu . . . one area where I wouldn't mind an "adjustment" would be
in the "when I click suspend I'd just like the machine to suspend, and not
open a window asking me 'Do you really want to suspend?' . . ." and having
to ask myself that question each time is just taking up too much time to
ponder it and think about "Why did I click suspend when the machine just
wants to keep running on Lu 20.04 from the sheer joy of using it?"   : - )))

Other OSs I'm using in this machine will just "suspend" or "quit" when I
click on it, no heavy questions about my motivation for clicking on it . .
. for the most part, if there was something "un-saved" would that app not
ask me to save, etc?  In other words, "suspending" is temporary in nature
and wouldn't likely cause any insurmountable issues?

Possibly there is a way to "disable" these nagging inquiries . . . just
haven't had time to investigate . . . but in comparison to other installs I
have, the "question window" thing is a tad cumbersome . . . .

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