[lubuntu-users] Lubumtu 19.10

Chris Guiver guiverc at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 02:55:30 UTC 2019

I'll point you to the Lubuntu manual chapter 5.1 for how to use the
Quick Launch feature on the LXQt panel (task bar).


(the ?highlight.. bit isn't needed, it's what I searched for and I
decided not to remove it).

Myself, I've added a panel on the side of my primary display, and used
the Quick Launch feature to add my most used programs to it, then made
it larger so it works somewhat like Unity did when it was the main
desktop for Ubuntu (actually better I think than GNOME does now
still).  I learnt to use it from the Lubuntu manual myself.

The only 'trick' is covered in the manual, find the wanted program in
your menus, and drag it to the quick launch section (or desktop etc)
and ONLY drop when there is a green + icon, if you drop when it's RED
it's cancelled.  The first time detecting where it's GREEN can be a
little tricky (esp. if your panel is thin like mine) but use
"Configure Panel" to ensure you've not removed the "Quick Launch" area
if you cannot find it (ie. add it back if you removed it; and the list
of widgets are a great clue to knowing where your Quick Launch area is
located on your panel; adjust with the UP/DOWN arrows if it's not
where you want it).

I'm not sure what you mean by Ubuntu 18.03, there was no Ubuntu
release in 2018-March, nor how it relates to your Lubuntu 19.10
question sorry.


On 11/26/19, denniscastanos at gmail.com <denniscastanos at gmail.com> wrote:
> Can anyone help me pin an app to the task bar in Lubuntu 19.10 ?  I did a
> search and found other users are asking same questions. Is there a glitch in
> the app. I using Ubuntu 18.03 but could use something lighter.
> Thanks Dennis

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