[lubuntu-users] First response to Lu 20.04 alpha LTS live session . . . .

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 15:44:39 UTC 2019


Thanks for taking the time to reply.
<bottom posting this time>

> Hi Fritz,
> An 8GB usb 2.0 flash drive is small and very slow. It works well for a
> live (live-only) system, and can work also for a persistent live system,
> if you use it in a careful way. But it is a bad idea to update & upgrade
> it.
> If you have an SSD connected via a USB 3 adapter or box, you have a big
> and fast drive, and you can use mkusb to make a persistent live system,
> that will be very responsive. Such a system can be updated & upgraded
> without problems.
> But you should be aware, that the original kernel and its drivers will
> be used, because they are started before the overlay structure of the
> persistent live system is active.
> I have tested a persistent live Lubuntu system in an SSD for a long time
> with
> sudo apt update
> sudo apt full-upgrade
> for a long time without any problems.
> I have tested mkusb with Focal Fossa, and it works as it should, except
> that there is a new bug, that will affect you when you try to boot the
> persistent live drive in live-only mode. See this link
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/casper/+bug/1851123
> Best regards
> Nio

OK I read through that bug report, overall I find mkusb to be very reliable
and consistent maker of live installers, only recently have I started to
fiddle with "persistent" . . . because I saw you and others talking about
it . . . but I guess I don't actually know what it is or does . . . .

I usually discover stuff "the hard way" . . . and the usb2 flash drive was
the "drive I had" at the time and then scrolling thru the "dus" menu I saw
"persistent" . . . and jsut went for it w/o considering the smallish size
of the drive.

In the recent episode of trying to restore or reinstall several systems
that were damaged I was using a 16GB flash and figured that might be a
little "better" . . . but the persistent option seemed to come and go, so I
mainly went back to "live."

One thing to mention, although in the past I had used the usb3 port on my
MP this time the making process seemed to be "quicker" . . . and in the
case of trying out Solus' smallish file size on the .iso . . . very fast;
but then the computer wouldn't boot them (2 versions of it) and not only
that the alt/option key wouldn't bring up the mobo boot manager to choose
any systems.  Took a few minutes to figure out to pull the flash drive and
then function came back.

The making and booting and installing of Manjaro had gone well, I happened
to look into the live folder of the Solus system and there were only 3
folder/directories inside, I recall from memory, I think there was no "EFI
boot" mentioned?  Anyway, there seemed to be a problems with Solus.

That's when I went back to my olde Lu possibly 19.10 iso and zsync'd it
into Focal, and mkusb handled it well, although possibly "persistent"
didn't show up in the list?  Or if it did all I was testing was to see if I
could boot a live installer, which for Lu 20.04 it did well.  Yesterday I
used mkusb to wipe the drive and install an OpenSUSE TW iso and all went
well, after I figured out the pilot error on the OSuse installer . . .
although it didn't seem to get grub in order--otherwise mkusb worked quite
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