[lubuntu-users] The ending of various technological "waves"

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Thu May 30 17:56:23 UTC 2019

"A bigger concern for me, is the ending of support for 32-bit
architecture machines.  When that happens, I will have several machines
that are only useful as musical instruments, and (to a more limited
extent) as test machines."

@Aere G:

I "feel" you, as they say on the mean streets of LA . . . but, more than
likely, "this too shall come to pass" as far as the demise of 32-bit arch .
. . probably affecting more people than the plaintive moan from PPC users
such as myself . . . for whom the bell had tolled, to not too much concern
. . . it was always a little used "fork" in the road . . . .

That's the up and the down of "technology" as Ralf so aptly pointed out . .
. advances are made in fairly short time line, for relatively high cost at
the beginning of said "wave" . . . to quickly reduced value once mass
production hits . . . and then short "lifespan" of support.  You pays your
money, and you play the game you can "afford" . . . new stuff is already
here, better, faster than the stuff you have now that is slowly ebbing out
of the wave . . . .

Soon, the human brain will be supplemented by AI chips . . . and so forth .
. . back to the Dodo bird concept . . . robots will be scrolling past
photos of "the ancient biological human beings" in virtual archives . . .
and there the choice will be which model of android can we best afford to
be our "avatar" on the #gameoflife VR gameboard . . . .  Go cheap and die
young, or get the latest most expensive product and hope for a longer wave
ride????  Either choice the ride isn't very long in the grand scheme of
Universal time.

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