[lubuntu-users] remembering file dialog size

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 15:15:00 UTC 2019

I'm using lubuntu-18.10 and the file dialogs don't remember there size.

> FeatherPad
> Scanlite
> Screenshot
> LibreOffice
> probably others.
> Firefox and Thunderbird seem to.
> Has anyone else seen this?

Yes, I believe so, just checking now in pcman ??  window, right clicking on
"office" and "graphics" shows file sizes of "0 bytes" . . . .  Also in that
same window opened from toolbar the "Home" folder when clicked on shows
"invalid entry" error, same with "Root" . . . .  I believe I also get the
same message when I click on those desktop icons as well . . . .

Will be doing an update in a few minutes, and have not filed a bug report
yet on it--there are a few of these type of issues in Lu 18.10 as of right

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